Safety Policy

It is the intention of Offaxis to operate safely in all aspects of its business.

It will do so by making sure all those involved are fully aware of the need to make safety a priority within Offaxis. In particular all personnel are to be made aware of the following procedures and requirements to ensure risks to customers and staff are minimised at all times.

STAFF to be qualified as appropriate in boat driving; coaching;life guarding and first aid as required by BWS and BSA.

BOAT AND SPORTS EQUIPMENT to be checked/cleaned daily as per operating guidelines. Defects to be reported and action taken to resolve at once.

WEATHER/SEA CONDITIONS to be checked prior to all lessons and lessons to be postponed if in any doubt. The safest area for lessons will always be selected on the beach and on the water prior to each lesson to minimise risk.

CUSTOMERS to be made aware of the risk in participation and be briefed on safety prior to each lesson and always be provided with appropriate buoyancy aids if aboard the school boat.

BOAT DRIVER to make sure that there is a nominated observer within the boat at all times during lessons and that the total number of people in the boat does not exceed 8 (including the driver).

NATIONAL/LOCAL RULES to be followed at all times in relation to power boat handling/speed and designated areas of operation. Surf lesson numbers will be as per BWS guidelines at a maximum of 10 per instructor and less for juniors.

COMMUNICATION to be maintained at all times. Details re launching/operating area to be regularly communicated to base, with mobile phones/vhf always retained at hand during all lessons.

ACCIDENTS/INCIDENTS must always be reported in the accident log. The first aid kits to be checked weekly and be easily accessible during lessons. All instructors to be familiar with accident procedure and relevant phone/vhf contacts. Fire extinguishers to be checked monthly and all staff to be trained to deal with fire and possible gas leaks.

DRUGS/ALCOHOL are not allowed within the confines of Offaxis premises and its boat at any time. Customers believed to be under the influence will not be permitted to participate in any activity.