The smooth W-concave gives you additional pressure points and more support in curves. Moreover, the proper flex, the light camber and the agile Gullwing Charger trucks along with the Sector 9 Nineball wheels provide top-notch support for smooth turns and fun whilst carving. Furthermore, the kicktail makes it suitable for the city to snap it into your fingers or to pull off some manuals and freestyle tricks.

specifications of the deck:

- length: 97,8 cm

- width: 23 cm

- wheelbase: 68,5 cm

- construction: five plies of bamboo, camber, kicktail, W-concave, wheelwells
- concave: medium / low
- flex: medium
- truck mounting: topmount


- trucks: Gullwing Charger 160 mm
- wheels: Sector 9 Nineball Wheels 70 mm 78A

- bearings: Sector 9 Grease Balls ABEC5,
 spacers not included
- hardware: Phillips bolt pack, 0.125" Sector 9 riserpads
- griptape: clear grip