A woman’s foot has different proportions, so Ronix sculpt a heel pocket, use softer foam and offer a lower cut to create the ultimate in comfort and performance. The addition of the FlexForm heel panel allows for increased movement and durability.

Step into the high-performance Stage 3 liner and state of the art customized BrainFrame chassis, and realize how far technology has come.

Liner and Lacing:
3D Molded Toe: Utilising 3 different materials these toe caps are built around the Ronix last to to create the perfect fit
Stage 3 Liner: A supportive fit utilising triple density foam and multiple material combinations for the responsive Ronix feel
AutoLock Laces: Slide to lock, pull to release. A streamlined design with innovative components and bullet-proof durability, featuring a soft-touch pull handle for easy release.
Quick Snap Lace Handles: Easily locks the laces to the boots to stop them moving around whilst riding
FlexForm Heel: An automotive grade elastomer designed to withstand extreme tear and tensile strength while providing flex and movement to the rider
Built in J-Bars: Grip the back of the ankle to minimize heel-lift whilst riding

Footbed and Baseplate:
BrainFrame Technology: A footwear breakthrough in fit, function, and interchangeability, Ronix's hardware platform delivers instant response due to Mag Lock beams that redefines high-end boot fit. The baseless design offers maximum board feel and the full height skeleton secures the foot from the bottom up! Instant energy transfer reduces rider fatigue and energy loss and limited distortion in the boot eliminates much of the stitching and lamination problems of older boots.
Dual S.O.L.E.: A dual density construction featuring harder foam placed in key areas for a more reasctive feel than softer foam throughout for easy landings

Item Specifications

Binding Size: W US 6-7, W US 8, W US 9, W US 10