The women's Diva wetsuit is a fantastic wetsuit based on the features of the Majestic men's wetsuit. Together with Diva series in the harness range this is our most high end color and quality combination. It's loaded with

features including: 100% M-Flex, liquid sealed, ultra lightweight foam, and ISO-prene mesh. It's also got an easy access back-zip and a reinforced chest panel for extra insulation. It's super light, super flexible and comes in two funky colour combinations.

•M-Flex (Tri-span) 100%
•Teddy Prene (Plush) Inside
•Critical Taping Inside
•Key Pocket
•Double Neck Construction
•Overhead Backup
•Non Slip Cuffs
•Lightweight Neoprene
•GBS (Glued Blind Stitched)
•Pk Backzip

Item Specifications

Size: S, M, L