This Xcel 3mm X Flex Boots are a great entry level flexible wetsuit boot, brilliant for anyone in need of something warm and protective at cheaper cost than the Infiniti boot range. These 3mm X flex wetsuit boots are ideal for surfing from Spring to Autumn when the water temperatures are starting to warm up.

Picking The Right Wetsuit Boots For You

Thickness, style and size are the 3 key points we tell all our customers who are in need of wetsuit boots, add in a budget and you have a winning combination to find the perfect wetsuit boots best suited to you! 

Offaxis recommend choosing the right thickness for you depends on your geographical location and when you will be using the wetsuit boots the most. These boots are 3mm, which means 3mm panels of neoprene throughout the boot. The benefit of this is that you get the most flex and feel for your board but still keep your feet warm whilst doing your watersports.  In the UK we recommend 3mm boots are  ideal from May as the water temperatures are starting to warm up especially if and the sun starts shining, all the way through to late October if the season has been nice and water temperatures are still up! Here in Wales the 3mm wetsuit boots are very popular for summer watersports.

When it comes to choosing the right size wetsuit boots for you it is very important to get the fit correct. If your boots dont fit right they will not do the right job! Offaxis recommend your wetsuit boots ideally should fit like your second skin with your toes just touching the end but feel comfortable to wear and not putting pressure on the end of your toes. If your boots are too large air and water will fill in the gaps and cool your feet down very quickly not to mention its like surfing with water balloons on your feet! If the wetsuit boots are is too tight then it will be uncomfortable to wear and you will put stress on the seams which will stretch and damage the boots. If you need some more friendly advice on what we recommend, the difference between wetsuits or any other questions just drop us a message or gives us a call 01758 713407

Xcel Product Information;

durable, warm, and comfortable surf boot with 100% UltraStretch neoprene and premium glued & blindstitched seams sealed. The adjustable Velcro ankle straps allow for a comfortable, snug fit. The back ankle pull loop is Pressure Bonded to the outer boot, which keeps even more water out since no stitching ever penetrates through the boot neoprene. 

- Split toe wetsuit boot
- Lightweight, flexible, high performance boot
- UltraStretch cuff panel with pull loop for easy on-off
- Engineered for best fit and maximum performance
- Hell and toe support
- Ribbed Flex front panel
- Material: Neoprene

Item Specifications

Size: UK11, UK8, UK6, UK5, UK7, UK4