GUL Men's Response 4/3mm Back Zip Wetsuit

The Gul Response range is long lasting, durable and flexible. The perfect combination of value for money and performance. Constructed with blindstitched seams and all over X-Flex super stretch, giving you over 150% stretch. The Response wetsuit meets all the requirements for the all-round watersports enthusiast. 

  • BLINDSTITCHED: Seam construction

  • RS-FLEX: 150%  Textured Superstretch shoulders

  • X-FLEX: 150% super-stretch overarms

  • THERMOSPAN: core central heating system. 

  • G-TAPE: Inner waterproof X-Flex taping fuses 

  • seams together for additional reinforcement

  • MESH: chest & back to prevent wind chill

  • POWERTEX4: knees for flexibility & durability

  • TITANIUM 2: reflects heat back in

  • S-LOCK: easy entry back zip system 

  • PK BLACKOUT: waterproof zip

  • Non-petroleum based neoprene

  • Construction

    Panels are double glued and then butted together followed by stitching that does not penetrate all the way through the neoprene. Inside the wetsuit, heat welded tape goes over the seams in high stress areas, this further strengthens the seams.

    150% stretch neoprene is used in our high performance wetsuits. The latest X-FLEX neoprene is 10% lighter, absorbs less water and has a softer, more comfortable feel.

    Four way stretch high specification knee panels designed to resist the most harsh elements while providing maximum flexion and extension of the knee.

    RS- Flex
    Our latest evolution in neoprene! 150% Textured Stretch Neoprene, 20% lighter 30% less water absorption than X-Flex.

    Titanium 2
    Used in the main body panels of most of our wetsuits. T2 Neoprene acts in a similar way to a survival blanket, and reflects body heat back to the body.

    Engineered by our scientists so that your core body temperature locks in the heat. By wicking away your body moisture the lightweight thermal insulation traps warm air all around you. Keeping your core body warm helping blood to pump around your body creating your own central heating system.

    Optimum core wind chill protection by absorbing solar heat and reducing evaporative cooling.

    Inner waterproof X-Flex taping fuses seams together for additional reinforcement.

    This easy entry back zip system contains a blackout waterproof zip. The zip is concealed by a unique twin flap smoothskin seal creating a flush barrier without the bulk of the UBS system.

    Picking The Right Wetsuit For You

    Thickness, style and size are the 3 key points we tell all our customers who are in need of wetsuit, add in a budget and you have a winning combination to find the perfect wetsuit best suited to you! 

    Offaxis recommend choosing the right thickness for you depends on your geographical location and when you will be using the wetsuit the most. This wetsuit is a 4/3mm, which means 4mm panels of neoprene from the legs up through the torso and 3mm of neoprene down the arms. The benefit of this is that you maintain the warmth in the core of you body but also get the flex in the arms when it comes to doing your watersports.  Here in the UK we recommend a 4mm wetsuit is ideal from May as the water temperatures are starting to warm up especially if and the sun starts shining, all the way through to late October if the season has been nice and water temperatures are still up! Here in Wales the 4/3mm wetsuits are very popular for summer watersports.

    When it comes to choosing the right size kids wetsuit it is very important to get the fit correct. If your suit doesn't fit right it will not do the right job! Offaxis recommend your suit ideally should fit like your second skin and feel comfortable to wear. If your suit is too large air and water will fill in the gaps and cool your body down very quickly. If the wetsuit is too tight then it will be uncomfortable to wear and you will put stress on the seams which will stretch and damage the wetsuit. Take a peek at the Size Chart to see which wetsuit ticks the box for you. If you need some more friendly advice on what we recommend, the difference between wetsuits or any other questions just drop us a message or gives us a call 01758 713407

    Item Specifications

    Size: S, MT