The Bluff Longboards California CrossStep model is a seriously stylish, traditional all-rounder which is proving to be the best selling model yet. The classic, Californian-inspired dimensions combined with a beautifully versatile entry and exit rocker with soft, rolling rails and the wide-point set at 2″ back means that she will perform in mediocre to Malibu conditions with mind-blowing results. Whether you are confident with your crossStepping skills, or if you are a newbie to the world of logging, this classic board is guaranteed to tick all of the boxes (and some you didn’t even know existed)

Dimensions: 9”0 – 9”2 X 23 X 18 X 16 X 2 2/3, also works great as a 9″4 or scaled down to an 8″6
Glass: 6oz bottom, 6+6oz deck +fin and deck patches. Full resin tint with gloss & polished finish
Stringer: Single, double or triple
Tail options: Square, rounded square and round are the most common, it could make a great swallow or pintail also