Carl Zeiss Polarized lenses, a well fitting frame and a unique style.

The Stratos is available in Charcoal or Brown.

- Carl Zeiss Polarized Lenses

- Layered Maple

- Hand crafted

- Hand finished

- 100% UV Protection

- They Float

- Cleaning Bag & Handmade Bamboo Case

Why polarized?
When the suns rays reflect off any surface it causes 'glare' - this glare is particularly bad when the surface is wet. So if you're on or near water, or up in the snow covered mountains, you'll really notice the benefit of having polarized lenses that block out the glare.

Carl Zeiss - Industry leading opticial lenses for over 100 years
With Carl Zeiss lenses contours become clearer; vision in bright sunlight is perceived as considerably more relaxing and less fatiguing. In other words, these lenses don't just protect your eyes against the sun – they also ensure improved vision without irritating glare.