DOUBLE UP 2015 Blanc. Firm Wakeboard From Offaxis

Jonty Green, is as unique as they come (in a good way!), both on and off the water, his ability on the water is first class. The challenging thing about a rider who can do it all, is building a board that can truly all facets of wakeboarding- Boat, cable, rails and winching. The Blanc. Firm has it covered. Stiff enough to hold its shape behind the boat and aggressive cuts at the cable and designed to hold up to all kinds of abuse, while keeping its feel on rails .Featuring DUP’s 100% Paulownia timber core, for the most responsive flex and superior durability. Stiff lay up through the centre with stiffer Strategic Flex zones through the Tip & Tail than the mellow to provide for a solid tracking edge and playful performance on rails. Combine this with 360 degree ABS sidewalls, V Hull for added Ollie power and soft landings and you have THE Ultimate Park and Jib machine.

Softer Layup (NEW for 2015),
Dyna2 Base,
V Hull,
ABS sidewalls,
Quad ABS fins,
3 Stage Rocker,
Strategic Flex Zones,
100% Paulownia Wood Core
Available Sizes 134 | 138 | 142

Item Specifications

Size: 138, 138cm