DOUBLE UP 2015 Royale Wakeboard From Offaxis
THE FREERIDE KING! Perfect for the Boat and big air tricks. The 2015 Royale combines a subtle 3 Stage rocker with the smooth riding features found in all DUP shapes. The Rocker line and full length step down Rail provides the pop all wakeboarders dream of while allowing the board to flow smoothly from trick to trick. Also incorporating VED (Variable Edge Design), placing a forgiving edge at the boards centre doubled with the Dyna2 Base makes the Royale ideal for slider sessions and quick approaches to the wake. Deep Molded in Fins flanked by the V Hull to give it super soft landings and superior lift off the wake.

Key Features;
Variable Edge Design (VED),
V Hull,
Step Cap Rail (SCR),
Nexus Base,
PBT Deck,
3 Stage Rocker,

Available Sizes 136 | 140

Item Specifications

Size: 136cm