Brand/Model: Futures F4 Alpha 5-Fin
Fin System: Futures
Fin Set-Up: 5-fin (ride as a thruster or a quad)
Construction: Alpha fins are carbon- and air-infused, and both stronger and lighter than standard fibreglass or plastic-injection fins. Alpha ranks in the middle of Futures' Ride Number scale, which means it's an all-round construction with a balanced mix of rigidity and spring
Ride Number: 5.5 (in the middle of the scale)
Suitable Conditions: This fin will perform in all wave types and sizes
Size: Small
Recommended Rider Weight: 48kg - 70kg
The flat foil (or inside surface) provides stability and control, helping you make those critical late drops
The 3D texture reduces "hydrodynamic turbulent wake drag"
In weak waves you try to generate speed; in powerful waves merely to control it. Fins with a low Ride Number are designed for the former, fins with a high number for the latter (the scale runs from 1 to 10).
Side Fins Center Fin Rear Fins
Area 14.22" 14.22" 10.73"
Height 4.37" 4.37" 3.76"
Base 4.22" 4.22" 3.71"

Item Specifications

Rider Weight: 47-70kgs