Are you looking for an affordable set of combo skis that doesn't sacrifice performance? Look no further the Burner Combo set with the blaze binding will take care of you! The burner is based on the shape of the slalom ski the comp free ride. The burner will increase your performance in your combo skis but won't limit your ability to slalom. This set of combo ski's has been a favorite due to it's great performance and price. The burner combo skis are packaged with the Blaze boot which is easy to get in and out of but still gives you great support time and time again. These skis will fit a variety of sizes and are a great family ski. Grab a pair of the burner combo skis and you won't be disappointed.

Comp Freeride Burner Shape - Highly acclaimed design for combo and slalom performance
V-Bottom Design for maximum stability and effortless cuts
New Blaze Boot - Great adjustability and great support fitting just about any foot size out there.
Front Lacing Design for performance and effortless entry
Floating Tounge Design for comfort and adjustability

Item Specifications

Size: 67, 61