This is supplied as a set of three fins.
Front fins:
Height: 4.53 in / 115mm
Base: 4.33 in / 110.0mm
Area: 15.23 sq in / 98.24 sq cm
Sweep: 32.0
Foil: Inside Foil

Height: 4.26 in / 108mm
Base: 4.10 in / 104mm
Area: 12.64 sq in / 81.58 sq cm
Sweep: 32.0
Foil: 80/20

Fin Size:
Medium fins - designed for a rider weight range of: 65kg - 80kg

Honeycomb - Honeycomb core fin is lighter than a glass flex and not as stiff as a Honeycomb with Carbon construction, if you prefer a more traditional feel but want a lightweight option, these are the fins for you