Soft Board Specs:
Length: 9’0″
Width : 24″
Thickness: 3 5/8″
Volume: 93L
Core: EPS 3 Stringers
Slick: 1mm HDPE
Fins: x3 4.5″ IFBS Fin Box
Rider Weight: <130kg

EPS Core – Highly waterproof & lightweight. 3x stringers increase board strength and maintain rocker.
HDPE Bottom Plate – 1mm thick HDPE high density polyethelene plate.
Durable, extra strength performance slick.
Interchangeable Fin Box – Compatible with most major fin brands. Allows quick and easy fin changing. Secures with fin key (included).
Thermal Reactive Simulation – To help protect against delamination, all soft boards are tested in a heat-induced environment at 70°C for two hours.
IXL EBS Deck Skin – Cross-linked IXL PE skin with WBS (Water Barrier Skin). Highly water-resistant and extremely durable. Excellent grip and impact resistant.
Warranty – Guaranteed against faulty workmanship or defective materials for 12 months from date of purchase.