Noa Deane just sold his soul to the soft devil! Yep... Noa rides soft surfboards. He likes them and he likes his Stump most of all. Bright white deck and purple eight-ball bottom is just the touch to get you high in the sky or deep in the pit!
The world-famous Odysea LOG has a little brother! The all-new Stump is half the size, twice the fun and will take you steep and deep or in the air. Fully-loaded with a new hi-performance fin system, this little gem will hold a solid line in the tube or allow you to lay down some rail.


Colour: White
Fin Set Up: Thruster
Old School PE deck
Durable HDPE slick bottom
Stiff dual composite core with triple maple stringers
Tons of float and easy wave catching
Hi-performance fin system with performance fins
Pop-thru leash plug at tail
Noa Deane signature design
Fins included

Size Guide:

Length: 5'0''
Width: 21.5"
Thickness: 2.5"
Volume: 36L