The irony of Radar's new Senate shape remaining identical to the Vapor is that the features arguably function better at the intended 34mph of this shape. Adding additional mass to the front of the ski maintains speed into the turn and keeps the tip braced. At .2” wider than Vapor, the additional surface area reduces friction and makes gaining and keeping speed easier. Bottom line, Senates are the most universal ski on the water. With course capability into -41off and a freeride turn radius suited for your favorite shoreline, this ski matches your ability level, no matter what that may be.

Alloy Senate

Carbon/Fiberglass laminates
.2” wider Vapor Blueprint
Recommended max speed 34mph
RST (Radiused Stability Turn) tail shape

What you’ll feel:
Over the past 8 years the Senate had made Radar Believers out of skiers worldwide. No matter what skis you’ve ridden in the past, jumping on a Senate feels comfortable and natural. Smooth acceleration and tight arcing turns are in your future. We guarantee you’ll agree with the performance.