Cord length: 6 ft (1.8 meters)
Cord diameter: 7mm ( 9/32")
Wave size: Super strong everyday leash designed for waves up to 6 ft
Deluxe strap: Double padded deluxe strap for extra comfort
Railsaver: The original railsaver system by O&E including the durable sewn in anchor cord
Swivels:2 x marine grade stainless, anti-corrosive free-spin swivels allow for tangle free surfing
Flex neck: Flex neck strap plug allows for 360 degree movement of leash making it more comfortable when under stress
Plug buddy: An Ocean and Earth first, this ensures the leash string is easily threaded through the surfboards plug getting you surfing faster
Diamond flex mould: Provides controlled flex and a strong transition from mould to urethane, can be stretched up to 5 times original length
New premium grade quality urethane formula developed by the world's leading manufacturer
Ocean and Earth branding

Item Specifications

Size: 7ft, 6ft