From the different countries we worked with while designing this brand spankin new electronic hot lap cable special. Enough meaningless chirps - lets get this cable party started. Nu Core - Everybody has a wood board with their little catch phrases. But wood is really only good if it has a fulcrum. So you want to have more control, feel, and yes fl ex” on a cable board - but only if it has a pivot point. A cable rider has to leverage into an ollie, or press onto a rail but just as important (which gets overlooked) is it has to snap back too. So we sourced this fancy new Paulownia environmentally conscious short harvest time energetic new resourceful tree shaped up into bits and pieces of rockers and rails. see for more info.SPEC - CONCAVE BOTTOM TIPS - EFFORTLESS OLLIES AND MORE CONTROLLED PRESSES.- G&R TECHNOLOGY - GRIP AND RELEASE CHANNELS HAVE ALL THE TRACTION YOU NEED FOR BOAT OR CABLE RIDING WITHOUT CREATING UNNEEDED RESISTANCE WITH THE WATER.- G&R PART 2 - SIDE TO SIDE STABILITY AND ALLOW A RIDER TO CONTROL A FLICK EASIER AT A CABLE PARK.- THINNEST PROFILE - MORE FEEL FOR CONSISTENCY ON ALL TYPES OF SURFACES.- FINLESS - TOO BIG OF A FI N AND A BOARD GETS HUNG UP ON RAILS.- NOCTURNAL RUN - WE HAVE A SMALL RUN WITH RECESSED LIGHTS RUNNING THRU THE BOARD. - ABS-LESS - KRYPTO CABLE PREVENTS DELAMS, BUT UNLIKE ABS IT DOESNT TRAP AS MUCH RESIN, SO YOU HAVE A LIGHTER BOARD THAT IS JUST AS STRONG.- AFFILIATION - TIES TO THE ROTTERDAM INTERNATIONAL WAFFLE PURVEYORS SOCIETY

Item Specifications

Size: 141