KINETIK PROJECT Intelligent Park Edition
High voltage energy at a park generated from our advanced new cable specific core and shape. A new energetic cable kingpin delivering ultimate response and top water speed. Bigger ollies, with more spring on and off features.
A thin profiled, snowboard inspired design for the rider that wants the most amount of reaction and additional rocker, without the extra jolt of a traditional board, or a unresponsive traditional flex board. We combined features of one of our most influential shapes – the Phoenix Project - with elements of our Code 22 and William Intelligent cores – for the most advanced electric hot lap cable special. An Intelligent layup that truly has the IQ to transmit back, depending on where the rider’s body position is on the water or feature. This lively new core drives the deck into the rider as soon as they leave the water and gives more rebound off of features. Approach a kicker, or load up for an ollie knowing your board will respond. With more testing than any cable board we have created, the Kinetik has more top water speed than any other model in our “boat-less” range.

- Full center rail creates a smooth transferring board from edge to edge
- Speed Walls – Vertical poured urethane creates more top water speed and a durable bumper from those floating menaces
- Deep symmetrical G&R channels - help with Grip thru a turn and Release off the water
- Subtle tunnel - more efficient water flow and stabilized landings
- Rocker line – more rocker than other cable boards for exaggerated presses
- Ridden by Kinetik Krew and THE Dominik Hernler

Item Specifications

Size: Small