Our longest running top of the line surfers. Not certain on the off chance that you require something free and skatey, additional receptive, or a smooth Sunday voyage, and simply need a general fun shape? A fish profiled "fun" board with a profound swallow tail that can without much of a stretch break free on the highest point of the lip, yet has the base swing drive to get you there rapidly. A flexible swallowtail outline for toes-on-the - nose dependability, frontside affectation off the lip, and huge reductions on the wake. For 2018, we included a more extensive, more steady nose plan and a speedier rockerline. This quick shape rides high on the water with a full rail and our selective machined center making more coast speed. Accessible in 3 lengths covering the range of riders and wake sizes. The Koal's shape and development is an ideal ride for us inlanders with wake cutting adaptability. This is our most all inclusive surfer utilizing odds and ends of odds and ends from the vast majority of our different sheets.