6'2" RUSTY PIRANHA - Overall wider template, low entry rocker and single-o-double concave design make this fishy a greedy little wave magnet. Not to mention, the three-wing, pulled-in swallow tail still allows you to surf vertically. Ride 2-4" shorter than your standard shortboard. Like its namesake, the Piranha eats most of what you put in front of it. Magic in the knee high, weak stuff yet still highly effective in punchy head high surf, barring your occasional big wave ventures.LENGTH: 6'2" 187.96 cm NOSE: 14.25" 36.19 cm MID: 20.1" 51.05 cm TAIL: 15.25" 38.73 cm THICK: 2.18" 5.54 cm VOLUME: 24cc FINS: Future