The XCEL Womens Axis Racer Bikini Wetsuit features the same ultra stretch neoprene as in the Infiniti range allowing maximium flex when doing your watersports, the bikini is constructed by very durable flatlock stitching which are designed to sit flat against your skin to prevent irritation and rubbing when your in motion.

The women love the wetsuit bikinis for stand up paddleboarding as it just helps keep wind chill off but you can get away with getting that summer suntan without the tan lines! Because the top is super stretchy quite often you dont even notice you have it on. The Womens Axis Bikini is one of our best sellers to the ladies who just want a little protection but maximum flex they wouldnt get in there fullsuit. We highly recommend the Axis racer bikini wetsuit to anyone who just a little bit of neoprene to keep your upper body warm but to perform as if you just had your swimsuit on!

Picking The Right Wetsuit For You

Thickness, style and size are the 3 key points we tell all our customers who are in need of wetsuit, add in a budget and you have a winning combination to find the perfect wetsuit best suited to you! 

Offaxis recommend choosing the right thickness for you depends on your geographical location and when you will be using the wetsuit the most. This wetsuit top is 2mm, which means 2mm panels of neoprene throughout the bikini. The benefit of this is that you get the flex throughout but maintain the warmth in the core of you body when it comes to doing your watersports.  Here in the UK we recommend a 2mm wetsuit bikini is ideal for the summer, as the water temperature is at its peak especially if the sun is shining and you dont need your shorty or fullsuit. We find the 2mm wetsuit Bikinis are essential when surfing abroad, just incase the forecast isnt as great as you hoped and it also offers a little more protection than what your swimsuit would.

When it comes to choosing the right size it is very important to get the fit correct. If your wetsuit top doesn't fit right t will not do the right job! Offaxis recommend your top ideally should fit like your second skin and feel comfortable to wear. If your suit is too large air and water will fill in the gaps and cool your body down very quickly. If the top is too tight then it will be uncomfortable to wear and you will put stress on the seams which will stretch and damage the wetsuit. We recommend if you own a wetsuit then get your wetsuit top the closest size to your suit. If unsure take a peek at the Size Chart to see which top ticks the box for you. If you need some more friendly advice on what we recommend, the difference between wetsuits or any other questions just drop us a message or gives us a call 01758 713407

Item Specifications

Size: 6 US, 8 US