wetsuit hoods

Offaxis stock a variety of wetsuit hoods from surf caps to the Xcel drylock hood for Men, Women and Kids. For most of us in the UK we've all had that "Ice Cream Head" Feeling. Prevent that easily with a comfortable, lightweight wetsuit hood. Offaxis recommend a wetsuit hood is need from Mid November till end of March depending on where you do your watersports in the UK. Our staffs favourite product is the Xcel Drylock TDC Hood because the seal is impenetrable and the fit and comfort is fantastic making "ice cream heads" a thing of the past! Gul and Alder both do brilliant entry level budget hoods, perfect just to keep the wind chill off and to make your winter watersports all the more enjoyable! For more advice on which wetsuit hood would suit you give us a call - 01758 713407